Wave Cave Trail

Who doesn’t want to catch a wave…in the middle of the desert? The little guy and I did some research and studied up on how to reach the Wave Cave before we ventured out on the trail. ┬áSimply put, the Wave Cave Trail is awesome!


Wave Cave Trail

  • Distance – 3 miles – out and back
  • Elevation – 980 feet
  • Rated – Moderate

The trail itself is pretty good and actually well marked if you know what you’re looking for. The views are great, both looking up and looking back behind (or on the way down). It’s just desert out there.

Tips: Go through the barb wire fencing (photo 8 and the second to last one below). Then pay attention to the rock formations on the ground that people have created. They should guided you left to head up to the Wave Cave. Also, the last 500 yards or so up are pretty slippery.


Peas Out!

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