Thumb Butte Trail

Every time we visit Prescott, the little guy asks to hike Thumb Butte. Finally, this go around we were able to hit the Thumb Butte Trail and cross it off our list. We weren’t able to hike to the top, the peregrine falcons were nesting. However, we did catch a pair flying around the Butte, which was quite a sight to behold!


Thumb Butte Trail 33

  • Distance – 2.5 miles – loop
  • Elevation – 698 feet
  • Rated – Moderate

It’s a good, quick hike. Take note though, you’re at 6,000 plus feet in elevation. That can take a quick toll on your breathing, especially if you aren’t used to the elevation.

Tip: If you are hiking in the summer. Be aware of the monsoons. They can sneak up on you at a moments notice.



Peas Out!

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