Raise Love – Family Friendly Fundraising Ideas in Your Neighborhood

Have you ever wanted to be active in your neighborhood? Need a reason to get out and know one another? Teach your kids a way to give back? Check out the #RaiseLove #forRMHC program with Ronald McDonald House Charities. That’s exactly what they are doing in three easy steps!

  1. Choose what you love to do.
  2. Set a goal. See how much love your friends and family can help you raise!
  3. Share! Take plenty of selfies and videos to inspire others to fundraise #forRMHC.

Need some ideas? Here’s a list of plenty ideas that you can incorporate right in your own neighborhood!

Cupcake War
Cupcake contests are great fundraising ideas for families. Neighbors can compete for the best dessert chef title. To make this fundraiser a reality, you’ll need several interested neighbors, a place to host your event (your home), and a prize for the winner. Your neighbors can bring their best cupcakes and pay a fee to enter into the contest. You can have other neighbors pay a fee (donation) to taste every deliciously sweet cupcake. Then people can vote on their favorite treat with their dollars. Everyone will enjoy tasting all the cupcakes, and you’ll raise a lot of money!

Balloon Raffle
Think of it as a 50-50 raffle, you’ll be able to raise money in no time! The only cost to you is a bag of balloons and some raffle tickets. Place the tickets inside the balloons and sell them to the neighbors for a dollar each. Whoever has the winning ticket gets the 50-50 at the end of the raffle. Depending on how many people come to your event, you could make quite a bit of money.

Sell Cookbooks
Do you love to cook? If not, perhaps Grandma does! Do you have a lot of delicious family recipes you want to share? Why not create a cookbook? Cookbooks are kid-friendly fundraisers that get the whole family involved. Create a book with your family’s favorite recipes.

Have a Bake Sale
Very similar to the cupcake wars listed above. Bake sales are tried and true fundraisers for kids that bring tasty treats to your neighborhood while you raise money and awareness for #RaiseLove #forRMHC. Get as creative as you want with the confections you create! Advertise your bake sale in advance and set up your table at the edge of your driveway. You can sell your tasty treats, but you can also place a tip or donation jar on the table for neighbors who feel extra generous. Think of it as a Progressive Dinner…but with sweets.

Hold a Yard Sale
Do you have any items collecting dust in your home, garage, or attic? Why not try to sell those items at a yard sale as an easy fundraiser? You don’t just have to sell your stuff, though! Ask your friends and family if they have anything to donate to the yard sale. Don’t forget to promote the event on social media, via email, and with flyers. Also, make sure you tell people why you’re raising funds. The more people that know about your event, the more likely they’ll be to show up and support you!

Chili Cook-Off
Your chili cook-off is the solution to it all. It’s a meal to fill everyone and a fundraiser all in one! Recruit everyone in the neighborhood and all their families to make their best (or even hottest) stews. Make an event out of it right on your street and sell tickets to attendees and tasters while parents make different chilis and kids vote on which chili is the best! You can give the winner a trophy and everyone will enjoy a great meal. A two-for-one win.

Jack-O-Lantern Sale
October is just around the corner, you can have some fun by carving jack-o-lanterns! And then you can make money by selling them! You can sell as many or few pumpkins as you please, but this creative seasonal fundraiser will always make money. The #RaiseLove #forRMHC is going until the end of 2017. A jack-o-lantern sale is perfect because they’re the staple of the fall. You can’t have a front step without a pumpkin on it during the fall!

Backyard BBQ
A backyard BBQ is the perfect way to get the dads on the block involved!! Everyone loves a good BBQ. Cook up some ribs, chicken, burgers, and veggie patties so you have something that appeals to everyone! Your BBQ is a great way to bring everyone together and raise money! You can charge a fee upon entry or for each burger. Set up a general donation jar, too!

Hot Dog Eating Contest
The hot dog eating contest is a simple fundraiser relying mostly on your promotion! Who on the block is going to reign as Hot Dog Champion? All you’ll need is to set up a table with multiple chairs for the neighbors and you’ll need a good staff of volunteers (kids) to carefully watch the contest. You can set a number of hot dogs and see who can eat them the fastest, or set a time and see how many a participant can eat before the timer dings. Remember to charge an entry fee. Winner gets a trophy or bragging rights on the street!

Walking Tacos
This is huge in the fall for our street! All the kids and parents come out to get their walking tacos! Bust out the crockpots and whip up a batch of walking tacos! Make an event out of it right on your street and charge a fee for each walking taco. Set up a general donation jar, too!

As you can tell these ideas are loaded with food! It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, have a good time, get the kids out and all for a good cause.

Look for me in October*, I’ll be doing something a bit different – a mini thru-hike in the Superstition Mountains! Up through Siphon Draw to the Flatirons and then through the Superstition Ridgeline Trail to three sisters and down and out either by Peralta or Carney Springs.

Peas Out!


*The mini thru-hike was originally scheduled to take place in September, however with scorching temperatures from 110-115+ this past week it was not advisable to take on. Ideally, temperatures in the 90’s or below are best to take on Siphon Draw and the rest of the Superstitions. 

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