If you are on the go like me, there’s no better feeling then knowing you have a protein packed work fridge! Quick and easy, grab and go yogurt drinks make a hectic lifestyle a lot more simplified!

First zip into your local Walmart health food dairy section and grab a Dannon® Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 pack and a Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 pack – pick your flavor, there are plenty to choose from and strawberry is my go to.

Look for the Health Food Section.

You can’t miss it!

Perfect eye level – Dannon® Light & Fit®

…and Dannon® Oikos®

You can’t miss them!

After you check out, crack one open and head to work! They fit perfectly in your work fridge!

4-Pack in the fridge.

…and individually!

For that easy grab and go to meeting! You’ll be the envy of the rest of the team at work during your midday conference!

Be sure to get your weekly yogurt drink stock at your local Walmart!

Peas Out!


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