On a Quest

As far back as I can remember, cereal was your go to breakfast of choice. We grew up on cereal. Our parents would push that bowl in front of us and we would shovel in the sugary coated puffs, pops or rings as we were rushed out the front door to school. Times have changed and Quest has taken your favorite morning bowls/breakfast treats and made them into a healthy cereal bar packed with protein!

Check it out!

Each bar contains:

  • 12g protein
  • 110 calories
  • 2-3g net carbs
  • 6-7g fiber
  • 8g of Allulose (naturally occurring sweetener found in figs, raisins and dates)

Your typical bowl of cereal, cinnamon rolls or waffles can’t compete with that!


Visit your local, The Vitamin Shoppe to pick up your Quest Beyond Cereal Bars.


If you watched the video above, we took snippets out from our hike around Thumb Butte in Prescott, Arizona. The little guy has been jones’n for us to head up there and do the hike again. We can mark it officially accomplished and our quest completed.  Quest Beyond Breakfast cereal bars are perfect for that morning or even midday hike. Just remember, leave no trace and take your wrapper with you and dispose of it properly.

Grab yours today and head out #OnAQuest!

Peas Out!


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