Morning Go-Go

Let’s face it, our morning routines are fast and furious! From the minute our alarms buzz to that first morning conference call in the office with the boss and everything packed in-between – showers, kids, school, breakfast, lunches, backpacks, car lines, traffic jams. It’s a morning go-go!

I’ve always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you’re able to have something that taste delicious, packed with protein and fiber and is quick and easy for those on the go moments. Nothing beats the VitaTops MuffinTops (coupon)!  Not to mention, they go perfect with a cup of coffee or if you’re part of the younger crowd, a nice cold glass of milk! Kiddo approved!

Where to Pick Up?

Wondering where to find the VitaTops MuffinTops (coupon)? No problem! I found my VitaTops MuffinTops at Kroger! You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite or Target. In our case (Kroger) it was located in the live naturally section, check the frozen breakfast food aisle or natural food refrigerated section. You can’t miss them, unless they are sold out (which is always a good sign – that’s just how good they are!). It happened to me twice! I lucked out with a restocking happening of the VitaTops MuffinTops Protein Banana Chocolate Chip.

Live Naturally Section of Kroger

live naturally section Kroger

Perfect Eye Level

VitaTop Muffin Tops in Kroger

You can’t miss them!

VitaTop Muffin Tops in frozen food aisle

Once you get them, grab ’em and go! Perfect on the go breakfast treat or for any time of day treat! When you need that pick me up and go-go kick, the VitaTop MuffinTops are perfect!

How do you like to enjoy your VitaTops MuffinTops?


VitaTops Muffin Tops with Milk


VitaTops Muffin Tops with Coffee


VitaTops Muffin Tops to go

VitaTops Protein Banana Chocolate Chip

VitaTop Muffin Tops

In case you’re curious, I was completely biased to the banana. It seemed to fit perfectly with the theme of the site. 🙂 Other delicious VitaTops MuffinTops flavors include Deep Chocolate, Wild Blueberry, Superfood CranBran, Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter, and of course Protein Banana Chocolate Chip.

How do I enjoy my VitaTops MuffinTops? …on a nice warm sunny Arizona day of course! A wonderful side note, when eating a VitaTops MuffinTops from the freezer – there is no beard mess! You’re welcome!

Take a bit out of VitaTops MuffinTops Enjoying VitaTops MuffinTops No beard mess

Enjoy your breakfast and save some time!

Peas Out!


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