Know Yourself with Good&Co

Do you know yourself? I mean, really know yourself? Do you like discovering your unique strengths? Finding out what your personal and professional growths may include or not? What about your journey to career happiness? It’s all about knowing yourself! The Good&Co APP can help you identify all of these!


Key Features

  • Take fun, fresh personality quizzes.
  • Discover your hidden (or not so hidden) personality strengths.
  • Unlock the meaning behind your relationships with friends and co-workers!
  • Check your fit with companies based on culture fit and your personal strengths.
  • Create and manage a team of friends or co-workers with high work compatibility.
  • Search for and find the professional company and career that best fits with your personality.
  • Find a job at a company with the work culture that helps you thrive.
  • Dominate your work and realize your potential with science-backed insights acquired from our set of psychology-backed questionnaires.
  • Share and compare your strengths with your friends and co-workers on a platform like never before.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me to use Good&Co. I was pretty stoked to give it a good go. Start by heading over to your APP store and install Good&Co.

Register an account (Google, Facebook or Email) and start taking quizzes immediately!

Answer away with a quick swipe!

Complete a quiz and you’ll see your strength card! The more quizzes you complete, the more accurate the results become. So far, I’d say they are spot on! 🙂

A nice added feature we could all use a little help on, our FitScore!

Overall, the user interface couldn’t be any easier (unless it could read your mind). You can share/compare the outcome of your quizzes with friends, family, even co-workers (or just keep it to yourself – you never know!). Plus if you want to see who else is using Good&Co at your company, go check out their website. You can find just about any company listed there! What are you waiting for? Go get the APP on on Google or Apple devices! Here’s to knowing more about yourself!

Peas Out!



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