January 2017 Blog Income Report

I’ve always toyed with the idea to see if having a blog could sustain itself or is it just an over-hyped hobby that some prevail while others are set to cruise control. Given how last year panned out, for the most part, I was surprised! That’s why I’m going to keep a journal of the Peas and Bananas blog income. As this year progresses our goal is to see if we can make the 2015 median household income of $55,775.

Truth be told, the wheels on this project just started spinning in February. The January numbers are going to be in the dumps.

Keeping it simple.


  • Adsense – $0.29

There’s not a lot there.


  • Nothing to report at the moment – hosting is paid for as is the domain. Perhaps we could factor that in over the course of the year.

Only $55,774.71 left to go!

Blog Traffic

  • Unique Visitors – 248
  • Pageviews – 697

Again, not a lot to go after for the month of January.

Let’s see how February turns out.

Peas Out!


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