Halloween hor d’oeuvres for Kids

Halloween is a time for ghost and goblins to run around the neighborhood streets trick or treating to their hearts content. Before you send off your superheros and princesses, gather all the kids up for a quick and healthy Halloween hor d’oeuvres treat that’ll make all the parents in your neighborhood soothing with envy! (In case you were wondering why…it’s healthy!)

Ingredient list

That’s it! Unwrap the Babybel® Original and Mini Babybel®  Light and take your fruit strip and wrap it around. It’s a quick and easy healthy Halloween treat for the kids (and you!!).

First, Go to the dairy aisle of Target and pick up a few grab bags of Mini Babybel® Original and Mini Babybel®  Light

Second, take the the Mini Babybel® Original and Mini Babybel®  Light and put them in a bowl (in the fridge) a healthy snack to grab and put in your kids lunch box. Then take the rest and make your Halloween hor d’oeuvres! It’s not fancy but it’s quick, healthy and tastes great!

A two for one deal this Halloween! You can’t beat it! Be sure to purchase Mini Babybel® Original and Mini Babybel®  Light at your nearest Target!

Real Dairy Goodness

  • 100% real cheese
  • Good source of calcium and protein

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Peas Out!



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