What Goals do you have for this year?

Every new year we, the humans, set forth new goals (or resolutions) based off the previous years misfortunes, losses or in some cases just because it makes us feel good to strive for something exciting. It’s true. I do it, you do it. We overate during the holidays, so this year we’ll diet and get in shape. Quit smoking and stop drinking. You’re going to get your finances in check. Take that vacation you always wanted. Save up for a new car. The list goes on and on. So, if you could set forth at least one attainable goal, what would that look like for you? Leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you throughout the year to see how you’re coming along.

I’ll go first, my goal in 2019 is to section hike the Arizona Trail (AZT) with our son. Now that I put it out there, guess I better follow through! Enjoy!

~Peas Out!


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