The Bearded Gift of Lovely Beards

Rolling into the month of Movember is always a delightful time for Lovely Beards alike. A time to free the whiskers. Let the mane be untamed.  A time to bond with your fellow bearded brothers. It’s also the perfect time to give the bearded gift of lovely beards!

Given that I’ve had a beard of many lengths and styles over the years, I couldn’t resist to give the Lovely Beards Vanilla & Sandalwood Beard Balm and Mandarin Cedarwood Beard Oil a good run!

I mean, look at me.

Save the Beard

Now that you believe me (I’m bearded). First impressions mean everything!

For starters, the scents are not over-powering. They are spot on! That won me over immediately. I don’t like strolling through the office like I just came through the cosmetics counter at Macy’s. Second, Lovely Beards products are handmade in the USA and use 100% organic/natural ingredients. The proof is in the beard. Nice and smooth feel makes for a Lovely Beard, literally. Finally and most importantly, Lovely Beards is tested on BEARDS, not animals! Even though, I am a beastly looking fella at times.

If you’re looking to give the bearded gift of Lovely Beards to the man in your life, choose Lovely Beards. Perfect Movember gift and even better stocking stuffer! Be sure to use the Lovely Beards Promo Code: Beards10

Lovely Beards Beard Balm

Lovely Beards Oil and Balm

I’ll definitely be checking out their other scents and oils (Bourbon is on my wishlist!).

Peas Out!


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