Alert Caffeine Gum

Staying alert and on my game is mandatory when running multiple 24/7 critical environments and quite frankly who wants to have coffee breathe to go along with those long hours!? That’s where Alert Caffeine Gum comes into play (or work for this matter) more about the play later. One piece of Alert Gum is equal to a half cup of coffee. That’s a lot quicker than having to wait for that cup to brew, especially when you get those 2 a.m. calls! That’s when you really need to be on your game.

Coffee or Gum

Alert Caffeine Gum comes in two flavors:


alert caffeine gum


alert gum

Who needs coffee breathe, right? You can’t go wrong with either flavor. Plus, like I mentioned above, it’s easier to chew on one of these instead of waiting for your brew in the wee hours of the morning.

Now for the play! When I’m not working, I love to hike! Drinking of cup of coffee while hitting the trail isn’t ideal by any means. Bypass the morning cup and get your caffeine kick while hitting the trail this year, like say the Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale.

Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale

Alert Gum with a View of the Valley

*Remember: Leave No Trace Behind! Do not leave your trash on the trail! Pack it in and Pack it out!

Alert Caffeine Gum

  • Caffeinated gum – Alert is a caffeinated chewing gum for adults!
  • It gives you a boost when you need it! (one piece of Alert Caffeine Gum is equal to half a cup of coffee)
  • A lightweight and portable boost! (Alert Caffeine Gum goes where caffeinated beverages cannot (energy drinks, shots, coffee) – in your backpack on the trail!

Kick off the New Year by picking some up today and I’ll see you on the trail!

Peas Out!


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